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Guessing you may be seeking some information or assistance pertaining to the oftentimes arduous process of transacting real estate. Assistance is available here!

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Whether you are looking to purchase or sell real estate, you may need some experience, knowledge, or information you may not possess, and it would be an honor to assist you in these endeavors.

Regardless if you are selling or buying, helping you achieve maximum results in the most efficient, effective, and professional manner possible is my commitment. Utilizing an entrepreneurial background and past real estate experience, you will receive customer service throughout the entire process…guaranteed!

My Broker, Story Real Estate, and I are committed to the values of honesty & integrity being at the forefront of every decision!

Ricky Hux Real Estate Agent with 2H Property Group


Whether it’s a residential home purchase, farm or ranch, raw land, vacant lot in a neighborhood, duplex, etc., let’s have a quick discussion regarding your real estate goals & objectives! To save you time, let’s get you set up to receive real time property listings that meet your criteria. Or, if you already have selected a specific property and would like some representation to get you to the finish line, I would be honored to be your real estate representative.


Overwhelmed by the complexity of selling your property? Unfamiliar with the process and related contracts and negotiations? Confusion over contingencies and various lender requirements? Uncertainty over selecting a qualified and knowledgeable Realtor?

I realize that selling a home can be difficult enough mentally and emotionally, at times. Never mind, having confidence in the proper positioning and pricing of your property, having someone represent you during oftentimes confusing and frustrating negotiations. How about: ensuring buyers are qualified, dealing with reputable vendors, and selecting someone on your team that is knowledgeable and wants to maximize your interests and results!

Depending on your situation, there may be an option for a flat fee pricing structure versus the customary 3% listing fee structure, which can reduce your listing fees. Having the opportunity to speak with you regarding your goals and objectives would be my privilege to see what listing fee structure may suit you better.

2H PROPERTY Group can also assist with being your general contractor for any necessary cost effective and needed home upgrades & improvements to get your property in great shape for maximum value.

Ricky Hux Real Estate Agent


Whether you are considering buying or selling property, I would like to offer you (without any obligations whatsoever) a comparative market analysis of the property you have an interest in. Just fill out the minimal information below, and you will receive your complimentary market analysis of the comparative market value of the property. Again, no obligations whatsoever!

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