Whether you are looking to remodel, add-on, or start from scratch, we would be thrilled to discuss your building needs and desires!

Having performed our own second story add-on, extensive interior and exterior remodels, as well as designing and building our last two homes, we understand the importance of the details and getting it right from the get-go.

Planning, designing, and building a home is an exhilarating time and we would appreciate the opportunity to work alongside you in your endeavors!

We understand that selecting a competent, detail oriented, customer service builder who can deliver results on time, and within budget, is a critical first step in achieving your homebuilding dreams. Having the chance to speak with you regarding us being your builder and designer of choice, would be an honor.

Speaking of budgets and selecting a builder, please ask your builder candidates a simple question of:

“What specific amount will I be paying you to build my home?”

While that seems like a reasonable and easy question; oftentimes, a builder may have a difficult time answering succinctly. Why? Because most builders fee structure is based on either a “Cost-Plus %” fee basis OR a “Fixed Bid Cost” basis that does not typically disclose their specific builder’s fee.

We offer a UNIQUE pricing structure of an upfront, fully disclosed, FIXED BUILDER FEE!

We believe this best aligns our interests with your interests! We don’t get paid more, or less, just because you select higher, or lesser, grade products like high-end hardwood flooring versus carpet flooring, which is customary in a typical Cost-Plus % fee structure.

Nor, do you get hamstrung with inadequate “Allowances” that don’t meet your personal building preferences under a typical “Fixed Bid Cost” basis. Under this fee structure, the allowances for items such as paint, flooring, tile, fixtures, etc. can oftentimes not be adequate to meet your desires. Therefore, many times customers exceed their budget at the end of the project and have to come out of pocket or sacrifice their choices to stay in budget.

By providing a FIXED BUILDER FEE (different than a Fixed Bid Cost Fee), we work alongside you at preparing a realistic budget for your home that meets your desires and has flexibility. We don’t add on change-order fees. Our desire is to make your homebuilding process seamless, fun, while meeting your budget and timing goals and objectives.

Feel free to call us at 713-540-9983, or complete the following information below, to discuss your future homebuilding needs. Oh yeah, don’t forget to check out some of our completed projects too!
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